Virtually Integrated Networks That Drive Efficient Care Transitions

ReferWell solves the last mile challenge in healthcare — scheduling patients, getting them to follow through with their appointment and helping specialists close the loop.

What Types of Care Transitions?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services defines a care transition as the movement of a patient from one setting of care to another. At ReferWell, we focus on all care transitions between providers, whether that care occurs in an ambulatory care setting, post-discharge or ED/Urgent Care.

We help networks virtually integrate so they can manage all care transitions across the patient journey with a focus on the factors that make these transitions successful – scheduling appointments efficiently, increasing show rate and seamlessly sharing clinical data regardless of EMR. Our Virtually Integrated Networks empower you to direct patients toward the highest-quality providers, increase patient compliance, reduce patient leakage and close more care gaps.

Who Uses ReferWell?

Payers and provider networks covering 2 million lives have managed 161,350 care transitions with ReferWell.

ACO / CIN / At-Risk Networks

Control patient leakage and network adequacy across multiple EMRs.

FQHC / 340B Covered Entities

Improve care coordination for all patients and 340B referral capture.

Health Plans

Increase member satisfaction, drive patient adherence and close more care gaps through superior care coordination.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Control patient leakage and reduce the cost of care by guiding the patient journey.

Proven Results


Increase in rate of point of care appointment booking


Increase in care gaps closed


Increase in rate of specialists closing the loop


Increase in patients staying in network

Network visibility


Increase in network visibility

Why Virtually Integrated Networks Are Important

Interoperability: ReferWell Makes it Easy

ReferWell is fully HIPAA compliant and integrates with all of the major EMRs and scheduling platforms in order to facilitate the sharing of clinical data between providers to improve the coordination of care — all while wasting less time on the phone and fax. ReferWell supports all integration protocols including Direct, HL7, FHIR and more.

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