Virtually Integrated Networks, Driving Efficient Care Transitions

ReferWell solves the ‘last mile’ challenge in healthcare – scheduling patients, getting them to follow through with their appointment and helping specialists close the loop.


ReferWell’s products are built to meet the specific needs of payers and provider networks.

Proven Results


Increase in rate of point of care appointment booking


Increase in care gaps closed


Increase in rate of specialists closing the loop


Increase in patients staying in network


Increase in network visibility

Why Creating a Virtual Network is Important


ReferWell is fully HIPAA compliant and integrates with all of the major EMRs and scheduling platforms in order to facilitate the sharing of clinical data between providers to improve the coordination of care – all while wasting less time on the phone and fax. ReferWell supports all integration protocols including DirectTrust, HL7, FHIR and more.

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