• Streamline Your Medical Referral Process

    ReferWell was created by doctors, for doctors. Our cloud-based platform revolutionizes the medical referral process, bringing all aspects of the referral workflow into one easy-to-use system that gets patients to the right doctor, right away - improving outcomes for payers, providers, and patients.

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The Medical Referral Process Is Broken

Poor Outcomes

Only half of referrals result in a visit, leading to 24M missed visits per year.

Lack of Info

Specialists receive little or no patient information on 45% of referrals.

Delayed Care

On average, it takes 24 days to schedule a specialist appointment.

Rising Costs

Missed visits create $150B of unnecessary spend annually.

With ReferWell, a primary care physician (PCP) can quickly and easily schedule an appointment for their patient with another healthcare provider at the point-of-care, which reduces leakage, improves compliance, and enhances the patient experience.

Who Benefits with ReferWell?


Reduce OON and self-referred visits to lower costs and improve outcomes. Visibility to referral patterns improves reimbursement rates.

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Schedule specialist appointments at the point-of-care to improve the patient experience and outcomes while reducing admin effort.

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Capture more referrals and increase revenue. Plus, receive patient EMR data electronically while reducing admin burden.

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Leave your primary care provider’s office armed with an appointment at the correct in-network specialist provider.

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ReferWell is HIPAA compliant and integrates with all of the major EMRs in order to facilitate the sharing of clinical data between providers to improve the coordination of care – all while wasting less time on the phone and fax!

Let ReferWell streamline your referral process!

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