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Our mission is to virtually integrate care through the last mile, giving payers and provider networks higher revenues and lower costs while providing patients with a better experience and healthier outcomes.

Our Story

We created ReferWell in 2015 because, quite simply, we were fed up seeing all the issues caused by ineffective care transitions. Every year, 24 million care transitions are missed causing poor patient outcomes and $150 billion in unnecessary spend. We figured, as providers on the front lines, this was a problem we could help solve.

While our clients today are primarily health plans and networks, our users are providers and their administrators. We know that healthcare technology only works if it is adopted by the physicians and their staff, so we designed ReferWell with the physician workflow in mind. ReferWell was created for doctors, by doctors and was designed to integrate directly into the providers’ workflow, reducing administrative burden and improving patient outcomes.

Watch our short video to learn how it works:

Our software makes it easy for patient appointments to be scheduled at the point of care. We work directly with providers so they share clinical data and to ensure that they close the loop, regardless of the EMR system that they use. We help clients

  • Increase revenue by improving network adequacy and utilization;
  • Reduce total cost of care and improves outcomes by ensuring that care transitions are directed to lowest-cost, highest-quality providers; and
  • Gain real-time visibility into network patterns, physician behaviors, and patient outcomes.

With ReferWell, there’s a new and better way to create effective care networks and drive efficient care transitions through the last mile.

With ReferWell, there’s a new and better way to create effective care networks and drive efficient care transitions through the last mile.

ReferWell Values

Interoperability is a requirement, not a choice

There are hundreds of different EMRs on the market. Any healthcare technology focused on care transitions needs to interoperate with all of them to facilitate the sharing of clinical data and provider schedules. Otherwise, the care transition is incomplete.

Providers need tools to guide patient decision making

Studies show that despite the proliferation of consumer health tools, over 90% of the time patients look to their doctors for guidance on care decisions. This includes decisions on care transitions such as who is the right specialist.

Partnerships create for best health outcomes

We focus on what we do best: driving efficient care transitions through the last mile. Adding our best to the best of other healthcare companies will ultimate help deliver the best outcomes for patients and clients alike.

Healthcare will always have a human component

We support our technology with a hands-on operations team to ensure that providers, and in turn their patients, receive a white glove experience while optimizing the use of the virtual integration software.

The best decisions are made with data

Too often, healthcare professionals have no visibility into what is happening within or across their network. We strive to provide real-time data to guide decision making at the provider, facility, network, and health plan level.

Patients, patients, patients

Patients are people. We remind ourselves everyday that a successful care transition could lead to early disease detection, reduced complications, and improved quality of life. Hopefully, that translates to more time spent with friends and loved ones.