LiveReferral is a point-of-care referral solution used by medical scribes to execute patient referrals.  LiveReferral, powered by ReferWell, was created in partnership with HealthChannels, who offers a comprehensive range of Scribe, Revenue Cycle Management, and Care Navigation solutions.  

LiveReferral Benefits

Reduced Physician/Staff Burden

Using LiveReferral replaces a ten to fifteen minute administrative task for the provider and/or staff.

Improved Patient Experience

Patient gets a white-glove experience, being directed to the right specialist, right away. Referrals are one of the most important drivers of CAHPS scores.

Improved Patient Outcomes

When the Scribe books the patient appointment at the point of care, patients show up at the specialist 60-90% more often than today, improving outcomes.

Reduced Network Leakage

Controlling the referral process at the point of care ensures that your patients will see in-network providers, boosting system revenue.

Improved Care Coordination

The Scribe can send the clinical information with the referral electronically, across disparate EMRs. Specialists can then easily close the loop with the referring provider.

Improved Bottom Line

Scribes reduce physician burnout, save on administrative time for the providers, and bring in additional revenue by reducing leakage.

“LiveReferral definitely increased the capture of our cardiac patients, who had traditionally been leaking. They were following up with cardiologists elsewhere—now they’re following up with us.”

– LiveReferral client & Head of Cardiology at major metropolitan hospital

How It Works

  1. Scribe takes clinical and demographic information during patient appointment.

  2. If a referral is necessary, Scribe works with patient to find the right specialist (in-network, insurance, availability, location, sub-speciality, existing doc, etc.)

  3. Scribe executes the referral, sending clinical notes to the specialist.

  4. Patient leaves the encounter with a confirmed specialist appointment, and receives an electronic reminder 24 hours before the visit.

  5. ReferWell provides valuable follow up, such as ensuring the specialists close the loop with the referring provider.


In a LiveReferral case study in a metropolitan hospital, the hospital gained 31 incremental returning patients for every 100 discharges (from 19 to 50), representing a direct improvement to the bottom line.  

LiveReferral Case Study  

ROI Calculator

Percentage of patients admitted to the hospital: 28%
Percentage of non-admitted patients who need a referral: 22%
Referred Patients per Year: 0
Incremental net new patients visiting in-network specialists: 24%
Revenue for one-time specialist visit: 180
Percentage of net new patients that become lifetime patients: 10%
Revenue (NPV) of lifetime patient: 2500
Incremental revenue kept in-network: 3000
Incremental cost of LiveReferral: 97644
Typically, the administrative savings alone cover the cost of LiveReferral.  This ROI calculator creates an ROI estimate based on national ED statistics, but every hospital/department is different.  For a customized ROI analysis, please contact our sales team at or 800.970.5875.

LiveReferral does not require implementation or physician/staff training. You could have scribes sending referrals in a matter of days. Click here to see a demo of LiveReferral.

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