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Improve Access to Behavioral Health Care with MindWell

Increase your revenue by connecting patients with behavioral health specialists across the country virtually.


MindWell connects patients needing behavioral health services with remote mental health experts, schedules  their sessions at the point of care and manages the visit via televideo sessions. Health systems and plans expand access to behavioral health care and improve patient outcomes while allowing primary care providers to function at top of license.


Access to behavioral health professionals is a growing problem that urgently needs to be addressed. Nearly half of plan members report traveling more than an hour to access care. Many plans can’t accommodate a member seeking mental health care for over a month.


MindWell provides access to a national panel of mental health professionals, then schedules and facilitates the appointment through its televideo capability. The system captures the consult results so the loop is closed with the referring provider.

MindWell Increases Your Revenue

Increase revenues by improving network adequacy measures.

Increase revenues by improving access and member satisfaction/ retention.

Reduce costs by curtailing unnecessary ER visits and avoiding medical complications.

MindWell Benefits

Point of Care Scheduling

Providers can schedule behavioral health appointments for their patients at the point of care. The patient leaves with a confirmed appointment at a convenient date and time of their choosing.

Top Rated Professionals

MindWell aggregates excess availability from highly experienced behavioral health specialists as opposed to entry level providers.

Simple & Hassle-Free

Both the patient and the behavioral health specialist receive a unique, HIPAA secure link. Each can join the session from their smartphone, laptop, or computer. No logins, downloads or installations required.

Accessible Care

By removing geographic constraints, provider availability is greatly increased. This increased pool of specialists can be accessed by patients from the comfort of their own home.

Loop Closed

MindWell uses technology and operational support to ensure the loop is closed with the referring provider and to monitor patient compliance.

Expand your network of behavioral health providers nationwide.

Fill out the form to speak to a team member and start offering timely access to behavioral health appointments through our network of virtual mental health professionals today.