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QueueLogix Announces Partnership with ReferWell to Create Innovative Solutions to the Revenue Cycle Management Challenges of Patient Referrals


HealthChannels’ subsidiary QueueLogix joins in partnership with ReferWell to Streamline the Medical Referral Process for Patients and Provider networks.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – April 4, 2018

Leading revenue cycle management software and services provider QueueLogix announces a collaboration with ReferWell to simplify the patient referral process and improve outcomes.

In the new era of value-based care, clinical and administrative teams struggle with the patient referral process and the associated burden of follow up. Each year, nearly 24 million Americans receive referrals to specialists, and never complete the visit. The need for a significantly improved referral management process that reduces administrative hassles for providers, increases compliance and coordinates care between providers is a challenge ReferWell technology resolves.

The QueueLogix and ReferWell partnership is focused on providing a much needed solution to health systems and providers who are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year because of poor, siloed and ineffective processes between clinical and back-office teams. The partnered solution also seeks to ensure a more pleasant experience for patients who are too many times confused by the referral process.

The QueueLogix LiveSuite platform coupled with the ReferWell capability joins together the clinical environment and the back-office in real time to (1) properly identify a referral, (2) coordinate the referral, and provide (3) valuable referral follow up services to the patient. Through this partnership the companies are able to significantly reduce the physician and administrative burden while also handling necessary tasks while the patient is still within the clinical setting.

For optimized referral management, timing is everything. In fact, studies show that patients are more than sixty percent more likely to make their referred appointment if it is scheduled in the clinical setting.

QueueLogix and ReferWell’s Referral Management solution will also be available to combine the power of HealthChannels’ highly-skilled workforce (through sister companies ScribeAmerica and CareThrough).

Achieving real-time results by replacing antiquated processes with next-generation software is a hallmark of QueueLogix platform capabilities. Combined with ReferWell’s easy to use system that gets patients to the right doctor, right away, QueueLogix is poised to transform care-coordination.

“This partnership, and our joint solution, was created to ease the burden for physicians involved in referral activities and to also enhance the patient experience. We know that for today’s healthcare entities to be successful tomorrow they must embrace consumerization and deliver convenience, comfort, visibility and flexibility to each interaction.” says QueueLogix President, Douglas Ingram. “As a next-generation RCM company we are always looking to the future and thinking outside of the traditional and antiquated box that most RCM companies remain in. Our partnership with ReferWell is firmly focused on continuing our tradition of pushing the envelope for our healthcare customers while also ensuring a compelling economic return for those adopting the solution.”

The QueueLogix LiveSuite software platform continues to power practices with performance-enhancing modules for registration, insurance verification, medical coding, auditing, billing, denials and advanced analytics and reporting. Each QueueLogix module is designed to efficiently link clinical teams with back-office functions. With inapp chat functionality, coders, scribes, and providers are able to seamlessly
communicate to correct inaccurate charts, eliminating the need for inefficient emails and follow up calls. Leveraging ReferWell’s innovative referral management processes, physicians and specialists can now utilize this newest module in a stand-alone fashion or in concert with their ScribeAmerica team to easily manage the referral process.

“ReferWell was created by doctors for doctors,” says ReferWell CEO, Vytas Kisielius. “As hospital systems and risk-bearing provider networks combat incomplete and inefficient processes, QueueLogix and ReferWell are solving an important problem that affects patients and providers, and impacts their overall financial performance. Our combined efforts together give healthcare entities the ability to close referral gaps, and keep more patients in-network with lower administrative effort.”

With years of experience optimizing results-oriented solutions, QueueLogix and ReferWell have successfully launched their initiative at a leading Northeastern academic medical setting where they have successfully integrated an on-site ScribeAmerica team with the referral technology to dramatically impact patient satisfaction and financial outcomes. The collaboration is now being rolled out to health systems nationwide.

About QueueLogix
QueueLogix is a healthcare software and services company driving the next era of groundbreaking solutions for medical billing, coding and other mission-critical activities that empower hospitals, healthcare systems and practices to maximize revenue cycles. QueueLogix connects back-end business processes to frontline patient encounters in real-time, through groundbreaking technology platforms and a workforce of over 15,000 employees across the U.S.

About ReferWell
ReferWell is the organic referral management solution created by physicians for physicians. The company was launched to address the challenges faced by practicing physicians seeing patients and finding manual referral processes inefficient. Today ReferWell is tailored to meet the needs of hospitals, health systems, IPA’s, ACOs, PCMHs, managed care health plans and more.

About HealthChannels
HealthChannels is a group of three distinct, highly specialized companies helping providers usher in the new era of healthcare. ScribeAmerica, QueueLogix and CareThrough collectively meet the full range of increasingly complex healthcare data and documentation needs, improving clinical outcomes through highly-skilled clerical support. The leader in medical scribes, patient navigation and back-office coding and billing coordination, HealthChannels trains and manages more than 15,000 employees across 50 states and three countries.

Douglas Ingram, President

1200 East Las Olas Blvd., Suite 201
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Vytas Kisielius, CEO

205 E. 42nd Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017

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