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Automate Care Transitions with ReferWell

ReferWell’s comprehensive solution for health care payers and providers reduces patient leakage up to 57% and improves patient show rate 60% or more.

The ReferWell Solution

ReferWell’s Virtually Integrated Networks connect patients and plan members to providers and specialists to facilitate efficient value-based care through the “last mile.” Providers have doubled loop closure rates and reduced patient leakage up to 57% with virtual networks that work across all EMRs. Patient show rate increases by at least 60% and patients enjoy improved outcomes and experiences. Payers get 100% network visibility and a reduced total cost of care.

Why Care Transitions Matter

Missed care transitions lead to $150B per year in unnecessary spend. With ReferWell, payer and provider networks have complete visibility into, and ability to impact, patient movement within their networks. Patients show up for their referral appointments 60% more often, driving better care coordination and patient outcomes. Providers receive the reason for visit and close the loop more often.

ReferWell Increases Your Bottom Line

Increase revenues by reducing leakage.

Reduce costs by getting more patients to keep provider appointments.

Reduce costs by driving patients to low-cost providers and sites.

Increase revenues by improving patient experience and increasing member retention.

ReferWell’s Benefits Go Beyond Traditional Referral Management

Improve Patient Show Rate

Booking appointments with ReferWell at the point of care increases patient compliance 60% or more. With better provider directory accuracy, ReferWell reduces wasted visits and improves member satisfaction.

Improve Network Performance

Networks can direct members to the highest performing providers to reduce costs and improve outcomes, while gaining real-time visibility to guide provider behavior.

Improve Loop Closure Rate

Specialists on ReferWell send consult notes back 85% of the time, more than double the national average.

Improve Care Coordination

PCPs share clinical information with specialists 100% of the time with ReferWell, so specialists easily access the need for care.

Drives Provider Adoption

ReferWell drives provider adoption by deploying a single platform to manage all care transitions.

Integrate into Existing Workflow

ReferWell fits seamlessly into the providers’ existing workflows and provides interoperability of data between different EMR systems.

Key Features

Reduce Patient Leakage up to 57%

See how a major metropolitan hospital system used ReferWell to reduce leakage by 57% and increase revenue.